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If you are suffering from arthritis, neck, back, joint, plantar fasciitis or fibromyalgia pain, you might think there is no way to get pain relief. However, thanks to the expertise of Dr. Steigbigel and his team, thousands of patients in Milford, CT have found treatments for their suffering.

Pain Relief Q & A

What Are Some Types of Pain That Physical Therapy Can Help With?

Physical therapy can help reduce several different types of pain, including back pain, neck pain, and joint pain. It can also help to ease the symptoms of several chronic conditions, including arthritis, plantar fasciitis, chronic headaches or fibromyalgia. Generally, any type of pain that is musculoskeletal or neuropathic can be treated by using physical therapy techniques.

What Are Some Different Pain Relief Treatments?

There are several ways your physical therapist may choose to treat your pain. Massage and manipulation of your joints and bones are some of the most common methods, as this helps to relax muscles and realign your body. Certain types of manual therapy, using either hands or tools, can be a good way to work soft tissues.

Additionally, cold laser therapy helps to relieve inflammation as well as to produce new endorphins, microcurrent stimulation uses alpha waves to ramp up your serotonin and dopamine, and exercise routines help to strengthen your body to reduce chronic aches.

How Does Physical Therapy Work to Cure Pain?

By using physical therapy, you can give yourself more endurance, strengthen your muscles, increase your flexibility, and help your joints become more stable. In many cases, simply having more muscles in your back, neck and around your joints can solve many pain issues.

Additionally, having a healthier body stimulates the production of pain-relieving chemicals, which can help your body fight back naturally against pain. All of these elements also help to reduce stiffness and inflammation, making it easier to move around without suffering.

What Are the Benefits of Physical Therapy for Pain Relief?

By choosing physical therapy, it means you might be able to avoid more invasive techniques like surgery. Instead of having a long recovery time during which you might not be able to work and might experience more pain than before, physical therapy will allow you to experience a reduction in pain right away with no down time.

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