Planning to Return to Exercise for Your New Year's Resolution? Book a Wellness Visit With Us First

Are you ready to get back into the gym routine? You’re not alone! Health-related plans — including dieting and exercising — are the most popular types of New Year’s resolutions. However, this is a big commitment and one you need to prepare for.

Over half a million Americans are injured each year during exercise or while using exercise equipment, according to the National Safety Council. Getting hurt while you’re trying to stay healthy is an unfortunate irony, but there are many things you can do to reach your exercise goals — without getting hurt.

Booking a wellness visit with a sports medicine professional can help you get on the right track. At Prolete Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine, our providers are happy to offer sports medicine services to maximize your performance and reduce your risk of injury.  

If you’re planning on starting or returning to an exercise routine, take a moment to learn about the benefits of a wellness visit with a sports medicine specialist.

What’s a wellness visit?

A wellness visit is an appointment with a health care professional before you’re sick or hurt. You can have a wellness visit with nearly any kind of doctor, including primary care physicians, OB/GYNs, and even physical therapists. A wellness visit with a physical therapist includes:

Another benefit to a wellness visit? We can help you manage conditions that could potentially limit your ability to work out effectively. We also offer pain relief services, such as massage, Dry Needle and hands-on joint and soft tissue mobilization, so current musculoskeletal conditions — like plantar fasciitis or arthritis — don't limit your ability to work out.

Benefits of seeing a sports medicine specialist

There are many reasons to consider seeing one of our specialists before embarking on an exercise routine. Physical therapists understand how the musculoskeletal system works and are experts in evaluation and treating movement disorders and treating many different types of musculoskeletal injuries or abnormal movement patterns before they become an injury.

With this expertise in mind, one of our providers can help you maximize your performance based on your specific health and exercise needs. For example, we can help you choose the right types of exercise for you. And if you, unfortunately, did sustain an injury, we can help you recover and get back in the game.

If you’re ready to jump back into an exercise regimen, let us help you make the most of your New Year’s resolution. At Prolete Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine, we’re here to guide you with your next steps, whether you need a wellness visit or you need physical therapy to treat an existing injury to allow you to get back in action!

To book a consultation, call our Milford, Connecticut, clinic at 203-409-2145. You can also try our easy-to-use online booking tool.

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