How Is Sports Medicine Different From Other Medical Specialties?

As physical therapists who specialize in sports medicine, our team at Prolete Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine creates customized rehabilitation strategies you can only receive from a therapist with extensive training and experience in the field of sports and orthopaedics.

Following an injury, we know how to restore your ability to withstand the physical demands of your sport. With sports physical therapy, you’ll get back in the game as quickly and safely as possible, with complete confidence in your strength and skills.

Advanced training for sports medicine

All physical therapists are trained to help you recover from injuries, boost your muscle strength, and find relief from acute and chronic pain. Just like a family physician who is trained to treat a diverse range of illnesses, physical therapists work with many different patients who need to recover from numerous musculoskeletal conditions.

Physical therapists can also specialize in specific fields such as sports medicine and orthopaedic physical therapy. To reach their goals, they first receive a doctorate in physical therapy and become licensed physical therapists.

Then they continue their training to become experts in orthopaedics and/or sports. The requirements for specialization include at least 2,000 hours of patient care as an orthopaedic physical therapist and passing a written examination. At that point, they become board certified in orthopaedic physical therapy.

One of the hallmarks of a sports or orthopaedic physical therapist is a professional who is an expert in managing acute sports injuries and creating personalized rehabilitation plans that are specific to your sport.

Sport-specific evaluation and rehabilitation

Physical therapists who specialize in sports medicine and orthopaedic physical therapy are set apart from other providers by offering sport-specific rehabilitation. We begin by performing functional tests that mimic the skills and movements required for your sport, including tests that target the skills needed for the position you play.

As experts in sports medicine, we develop a treatment plan that progressively rehabilitates your injury, restores full body health, and rebuilds the function you need to return to your sport.

What sports rehab looks like

Your rehabilitation focuses on the ways your injury affects your balance, body mechanics, and sports-specific functioning. We retrain your body to perform under the unique strain caused by your sport. 

During your rehabilitation, you’ll participate in exercises that correct your body’s unique physiological imbalances and faulty biomechanics. And we’ll teach you how to restructure your training regimen if needed to prevent future injuries.

Our goal is to coach you through sport-specific rehabilitation that sends you back to your sport with equal or better performance than you had before your injury.

Our team has extensive training in sports medicine and orthopaedic physical therapy. If you need to rehabilitate from a sports injury or take your training to the next level without risking a stress injury, call our office in Milford, Connecticut, or book an appointment online today.

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